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  • Water-proofing

    As its name suggests, with this term we mean the protection of a surface from any kind of dampness or the prevention of violent water leakage into a building.
    The company's unique purpose is to present solutions to such problems in a number of different structures like:

      Water-proof basins
      Basement walls
      Water tanks
      Roofs, balconies / patios
      Metallic roof tops

  • Thermal insulation

    The term "thermal insulation"implies every step we take towards reducing heat conductibility onto the different surfaces of a building. This can be achieved with various methods and layers of thermal-insulating products, with a view to optimizing its energy management.
    Applications involve:

      Metallic structures
      Thermal facades

  • "Green" roofs

    The idea of "green" roofs has been warmly embraced mainly by large urban cities all over the world. Both socially as well as environmentally they reflect today's attitude to global, eco-related issues. This choice enables big city centers to adopt a more eco- friendly approach to the environment, as planted roofs serve the dual purpose of air-filtering and providing a vital source of oxygen for city dwellers.

    Moreover, green roofs constitute an additional advantage for the building itself, since they contribute to its up-grade, thereby increasing its objective value.

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  • Thermal facades

  • Water-proof basins

  • Water tanks

  • Pools

  • Roofs & balconies

  • Metallic roof tops

  • "Green" roofs

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